Tax-Loss Harvesting in Inclement Markets

In some alternate universe, there may be markets where nobody ever experiences any loss and every investment just keeps growing. In our world, we know better. While markets are expected to climb over time, periodic downturns happen. When they do, they can leave you feeling left out in the cold. That’s why it pays to […]

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Beware the Recency Pitfall

“Recency” can be described as the tendency to overweight recent events or trends and ignore the long-term evidence. It’s one of the more common and costly behavioral mistakes that individual investors can make, often leading them to buy high and sell low. Clearly, this represents a major problem, as such behavior is exactly opposite of […]

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Why The Stock Market Is Volatile, Why Volatility Hurts, And What To Do About It

Unless you made a resolution not to read, listen to or watch the news in 2016, you’ve likely noticed that “the market” is off to a stumbling start. Indeed, one glance at the headlines, at least the ones that don’t involve the presidential election, quickly reveals that the market is having one of its worst […]

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My Misguided Quest to Beat the Market

In the quest to be above average, the vast majority of active investors achieve results far below the mean. Manisha Thakor with two reasons for this striking underperformance and what led her to become an evidence-based investor.

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